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to lasagna. from the everyday to the fancy, it comes in all shapes and sizes. it's quick. it's easy and versatile to make. but the carbs and the calories are scary, right? wrong. today, on christina cooks, some healthy ways to use your noodle. ♪ >> ♪ christina hit the market today ♪ ♪ for fresh veggies and tofu ♪ everybody's lookin' for a healthier way ♪ ♪ christina can show you ♪ yeah, when christina cooks ♪ she does it the whole foods way ♪ ♪ yeah, when christina cooks ♪ she'll take you every step of the way ♪ ♪ when christina cooks ♪ when christina cooks >> today we're making over macaroni. try saying that three times fast after a couple glasses of red wine. if you were in italy,
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macaroni would require very little making over, but since we brought it here to america it seems to require a lot. first of all in italy, the portions are... what i consider normal size. you can actually finish it. here in america we seem to bring our macaroni to the table on a meat platter using a crane. so portion control has to be the first step, but then there's also the ingredients. we're going to start by making over lasagna. my version has no saturated fat, no dairy, and the flavor and richness you want from your lasagna. so hang in there with me while we talk about the ingredients. we're going to start by making tomato sauce or gravy, as we called it in our house. and i know there's a difference. sauce is vegetarian. gravy has meat. but we called it gravy, so it's gravy. deal. in the gravy is garlic, onions, there will be some dried herbs; basil and oregano, are traditional, but if you want to add other things, feel free. my mother would turn in her grave, but that's okay. then we have tomato paste to give it body. tomato sauce and a carrot. the carrot is to take
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the acid out of the sauce. so let's get started. take some extra-virgin olive oil... put it in the pan, and while that starts to warm, we're going to cook our lasagna noodles. now the noodles i've chosen are made from artichoke flour. so it's really kind of nice. it's jerusalem artichoke flour so it's very light pasta and it's great for people who have sensitivities to wheat. so i've got some boiling water i'm going to add some salt to the water. the salt helps to hold the pasta together so it doesn't get too soft and fall apart. and a tiny bit of oil helps to keep the pasta from sticking. okay so we're going to put the noodles in and they'll gradually just kind of sink down. don't get in here with your spoon like, pushing the pasta down. let it gradually sink into the water. once you have your noodles in, don't cover the pot again.
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it will cook all over your stove and make a mess. the starch will all bubble over. so just let it kind of cook and then we'll check it out. okay now we're going to add our garlic and onions. start with our yellow onions. very traditional. and we'll press some garlic through. i love these new garlic presses that are easier to clean because as a kid i seemed to have spent my entire childhood with a garlic press and a toothpick cleaning it out for my grandmother. nice bit of garlic. but these new ones you just kind of lift the little thingy out and the garlic comes right off. it's fabulous. alright, now we're going start to stir this. a little salt. some pepper. and now we're just going to sweat our onions. now the noodles have begun to sink down. so now we can go in here
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and make sure they're all submerged. you need a good amount of water when you cook pasta. don't try to use a little tiny pan and cram it all in there. it needs boiling room. it needs to play. now the star of this recipe is not the gravy, not the noodles. it's actually this white block of tofu. which is our substitute for ricotta cheese. and i know what you're thinking, "aye-yi-yi there she is with the tofu again." but we're going to flavor it, season it, and it will have the texture and the flavor of ricotta by the time we're done. with no saturated fat. and none of the negative side effects of dairy. okay, so the onions are reducing down. we're going to add in our dried herbs. just a generous pinch of each one. don't go crazy. basil and oregano are like the classic italian combination. but again, if you want to add rosemary or thyme, feel free. just don't add every herb
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that you have in the garden. kinda keep it a little bit lighter. so now... in go canned tomatoes. in the summer time, i use a combination of canned and fresh tomatoes. but you can find some really nice canned tomatoes now. organic ones. really, really good. tuscan organic. i mean, tomato heaven. you know what i'm saying? and the thing about tomatoes that you need to remember is, they're high in magnesium, vitamin c, and an ingredient called lycopene. and lycopene is great for reproductive health. but what makes it genius is when you cook it with olive oil, the lycopene is absorbed 60 percent more by the body. so it's a great thing. cooked tomatoes are not only delicious and yummy, but they're great for you.
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so now we've added some water. people now fancy up their gravy with white wine and all sorts of things, and you can do all of that. i tend to be a little more traditional. so now we're going to take some tomato paste... you only need about... a tablespoon or two for a big pot of gravy like this. and all this does is help to give the gravy a little bit of body so it's not just loose and watery, because as the tomatoes cook they release water and get a little thin, so the tomato paste prevents that from happening. okay, so now you dissolve the paste in here just like kind of playing around with your spoon. now i've made a good amount here because this is going to last me for a couple of recipes. which is kind of nice, you can make a big pot of gravy and have it last you for a couple of days. growing up my mother made it every sunday and it lasted us for sunday, wednesday,
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and friday's food. and my job was to stir it and make sure the bottom didn't hitch. and i was in big trouble if it did. okay, the noodles are cooking, great. alright, so now the last thing to go in, carrot to draw out the acid. i never believed my mother on this one until i saw it for myself, and literally tasted the carrot when i took it out and it was unbelievable how amazingly acidic, like the carrot had been soaked in vinegar. so my mother was right that by putting a carrot into your tomato sauce, you don't get agida. which is what she said i gave her as a child. not sure that was good. okay, we're going to let this simmer. let our noodles cook. i'm going to head off to work out with coach lorenzo. and when i come back, we'll assemble this lasagna and i'll have no guilt about eating it because i'll have worked out. >> ciao, lorenzo. >> ciao, christina. >> how are you? >> bene bene. >> so i'm a little tired today so can we just do my favorite? the bicep curl? >> certainly. let's pick up our weights.
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>> okay. >> and let's examine the move. the biceps are very, very important. >> show me so i do it right. >> well we are doing-- the first move is a standard bicep curl. the elbow will be close to the body. you work against gravity on the positive move, raising and flexing that muscle, keeping it under tension, and slowly in the negative move, bringing it down. pressure on both sides, with form. and let's do that with the alternate moves. yes, that looks beautiful. bending the knees slightly. looking at your work is wonderful to do. the muscle flexes and it extends and we slow it down. yes, yes, yes. i can see it work. >> now, larry explain to me, why am i keeping my elbow in? >> you're keeping your elbow in because we want to have the weight and the emphasis of the move on the bicep. not giving it any relief from having it sitting alongside of the body. we're not digging it in, we're isolating the muscle by keeping it alongside. that is a hammer curl that gives the bicep very good length.
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lengthening the move for when you're in a sleeveless dress. and that looks very nice. >> my favorite move on the planet. so thank you. until next time. okay, my noodles are done. now it's time to get our filling ready. okay, set those there and come back. alright let's check our gravy. see how it got nice and sort of almost creamy? just going to pull the carrot out. just set that aside. okay. beautiful. this is exactly what i wanted. it's smooth and a little bit chunky. i love when things work out. alright, now we're going to get our filling ready which is tofu. we're gonna take some crumbled tofu, i'm gonna add some to it. and all you do to do this is you take tofu and just sort of crumble it through your fingers. and what you're looking for is a really sort of ricotta-like texture.
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i know it's not ricotta. and are you going to fool your aunts and uncles? would i fool my husband's sicilian auntie pena? no. is it a nice substitute when you're trying to change your family to healthier ingredients and they like lasagna and you don't want to feed them all that saturated fat? yes! okay we're going to add some olive oil. some pepper. some salt. some more of our dried herbs that were in the sauce because that will help us to simulate more flavor. you always want more flavor. okay, now you just go in here with your hands again and mix it until it's all combined. remember that tofu, while most people go, "ew tofu," doesn't really taste like anything.
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so how you season this is how you're going to pull your lasagna together because you can make it taste like anything you want. okay i'm just going to go to the sink and wash my hands because now i need to assemble and i need my hands to be clean to do that. i'll be right back. okay, so we have a regular lasagna dish. you'll need a 9 by 13 to do this. and now you just start building. it's that simple. a little bit of gravy on the bottom. you just want to cover the bottom of the pan. this is so the noodles don't stick. you're actually creating like a cushion between the noodles and the pan. a little more... okay now we start. just layer noodles. you want to cover the whole
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bottom of the pan as much as you can. and the noodles break, and that's all part of the joy of making lasagna. kind of break them with your own hands so that you don't get too thick of a layer. just kind of pull them and do coverage like that. now we take some of our tofu. and if you want to add some veggies to this now to, you know, kind of pump it up a little bit and give your family a little bit more vegetable quality, then just take a grater, take a zucchini. it doesn't taste like much, but it's green and your family will get some veggies this way. and it's pretty common actually to find zucchini in lasagna-- a vegetarian lasagna. some of that goes on. then we have some grated vegan mozzarella. it melts. it tastes like the real thing.
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can't really beat it. you get all the flavor. all the texture. all that creamy, rich meltiness without any of the saturated fat. more noodles. when i was a kid, we did this all the time and i got to have the job of doing the building when i was really small because my mother knew, you know, we couldn't really get hurt. there was nothing sharp involved, nothing too hot. this got to be my job. so i was always very happy doing this. okay some more tofu. you're probably going to get about three layers from two full bricks of tofu. which is actually a pretty good amount. a little more gravy. because you need the moisture. but as you're building, you don't use too much in the center. right, you have your base. you have a little bit
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in the center. and then we'll really sort of pile it on on the top. some more grated zucchini. you want to get as much veggies in your family as you possibly can. and if this is how you do it, then this is how you do it. when we made this in the spring when i was a kid, my mother would actually fry the zucchini blossoms from the garden as well as grate the zucchini into the lasagna, so we'd end up with all these great fried zucchini blossoms plus the grated zucchini in the lasagna. okay one more layer. and all this cheese will melt and also help the tofu to take on a cheesy texture. and if your family is all, like, weirded out about tofu, then just make the lasagna and don't tell anybody... "oh look, i made lasagna!", and see what happens.
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and when they like it, you can tell them later. okay so now... when you get to the top layer, you smother it with tomato gravy as much as you can. just get it on here. cover it really well. and then you load the top with the rest of your cheese. cover your noodles. just cover it as much as you can. this will probably take a whole brick of that nice vegan mozzarella. okay, this will bake for about an hour at 350. now, you can cover it with foil if you like, but it won't brown as well. so sometimes what i do is cover the top for, like, the first 30 minutes, and then uncover it so the cheese can melt
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and brown at the same time. so that's kind of what you're going for. so this goes in the oven. and in about an hour... wait till you see this. you end up with what i call rich, creamy, yummy lasagna. main course, side dish, you can fool just about anybody with this one. and now it's time for spaghetti and meatballs. little salt in my spaghetti water. little oil. and in goes the spaghetti. just let that cook. okay, now it's time to make the meatballs. i know what you're thinking, "oh my god! she's smoking something funny! she's making meatballs." hang in there. they're vegan meatballs. this is a vegan ground meat made from soy. it's amazing! you have to try this stuff. we're going to take that
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into a bowl. it's got the same texture as meat. i have to tell you, sometimes it actually weirds me out a little. some chopped onion. my mother used to make her meatballs with an egg and breadcrumbs. so i'm using soy and breadcrumbs. in go the breadcrumbs. you add just enough breadcrumbs to hold it together. some dried basil. pepper. salt. and my own addition, i don't know what my mom would think of this, some tomato paste. seems to help hold them together. now you're going to get in here. you can try to mix it with a spoon if you want to. i always try to do it to sort of be nice, but really there's only one way to make meatballs: you get in here and you just kind of smoosh everything
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with your hands and pull it all together. and the breadcrumbs get in and you'll notice that it all sort of tightens up. and as it tightens, then you'll know that your meatballs will hold together. and you just mix them. my mother used to put dried parsley in her's too. i'm really not a big fan of it so i kind of leave it out, but feel free. so now that they're holding together, you can see we've got this great sort of texture. just like as if it were, you know, meat. without the saturated fat, without the cholesterol that it brings... and so here we go. alright, so now i am not even going to bother cleaning my hands because we're going to be going for it. you're gonna heat a pan with some extra-virgin olive oil. my mother used to pan fry her meatballs. you need a nice, generous amount. but as i got to be a teenager
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and my mother was more into being healthy, then she would put them in the oven, bake them for a little while and then broil them off. so a lower fat way to do it if you want to, if you don't want to fry them, is to put them on a sheet pan, bake them until they're cooked through and then under the broiler if you want to brown them. but i'm a pan fry girl i have to tell you. it's like the only way to travel. so now you want to make the meatball size. whatever that means for you. you know, some people, it's the whole ball of your hand. some people, it's smaller. smaller ones are easier to manage. they're easier to fry through. so i tend to make them about that size--like a golf ball. go right into the oil. and then the bottom of it will start to sizzle and you'll get that little brown mark that you used to get on meatballs. you remember that? hopefully, you've made meatballs in your life. it's kind of the only way to travel.
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okay, do a couple more. pasta's boiling away. remember not to cover your pasta water once you have the pasta in there, because the starch will just cook all over the place. and it doesn't need to be covered anyway. it's not one of those things that needs to be covered. okay, i am going to do one more and then i am going to wash my hands so i can move on with the recipe and get this all together for you. okay one more. there's my nice sizzle. let me just set this aside and go clean my hands. alright. my mother used to turn her meatballs with a fork, so i do it the way my mom did.
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and you can see you've got some nice little browning happening right there on the other side. that's what you're looking for. alright, so now... gonna lift our spaghetti right out of the water. it's looking really nice. okay, lay that down. you want a nice bed of your spaghetti. alright. now let's check our gravy. still perfect. if you want, you can put the meatballs right into the gravy, let them cook for a while, but i like to spoon my sauce over top.
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doesn't that look nice? i have to say, i get so impressed. one meatball. two. three. and the last one. and it reminds me of that song when we were kids... on top of spaghetti. so there you have it and not covered with cheese. today we made-over macaroni. and i know what you're thinking, "lasagna can still only be a special occasion, right?" well our rich, creamy, yummy lasagna can be on your table as much as you want. check out these nutritionals: calories, 307 per serving, but you get 14 grams of protein, only 9 grams of fat, and 43 grams of carbohydrates. so you get the rich, creamy yumminess that comes with lasagna. no saturated fat.
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no cholesterol. and none of the things you don't want. that, with our spaghetti and meatballs, and you end up with macaroni back on the table as much as you like in a familiar form. so cook pasta as much as you like and remember, you can cook your way to the life you want. >> you can find today's recipes and more information by visiting our website at: christina pirello puts the fun into healthy cooking with her 10th anniversary edition of "cooking the whole foods way," now totally vegan, and featuring 85 new recipes, 500 recipes in all. "cooking the whole foods way," provides lots of sound, useful advice, hints, tips, and techniques on healthy cooking. "cooking the whole foods way" is your complete everyday guide to healthy, delicious eating. to order a copy for $19.95 plus handling, call: funding for christina cooks is provided by astavita, devoted to creating products with multifunctional, antioxidant power, backed by scientific research,
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manufacturers of astareal astaxanthin. at astavita, nature is our inspiration and science our guide. additional funding provided by kuhn rikon, manufacturers of swiss-made hot pans. from stove to table, hot pans combine functionality with swiss design, keeping food hot for up to two hours. kuhn rikon: working to bring you food that tastes as good as it is good for you. and by ecover, where the environment starts in your home. ecover household cleaning and laundry products clean the dirty clothes hamper, the bathroom, and the kitchen sink ecologically. ecover: the power of nature. additional funding provided by martinelli's gold medal apple juice and sparkling cider. all-natural pure juice from u.s.-grown fresh apples. not from concentrate, with no additives of any kind. martinelli's: a family tradition since 1868. ♪
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